Guiding Principles: Why we do our work

  • The dignity of the most vulnerable. We believe the most vulnerable people in our communities matter and deserve support from those with resources to help. We work to help alleviate suffering and participate in creating systems of support.
  • Healing families. We know the devastating effects of poverty on individuals and families. We are particularly concerned with the health and well-being of children and we are drawn to investments that have an immediate and positive impact on them and their families.
  • Systems and people matter. We believe strategic philanthropy can make the world a better place. We work to see individual lives transformed and to improve systems that alleviate suffering and hardship.
  • Rebuilding the middle class. We believe life in the U.S. is now also harder for some middle- and working-class Americans, making “the American Dream” more difficult to achieve. We work to provide support to these individuals and families.
  • Educational excellence. We believe education is integral to a person’s success and to a community’s ability to prosper. We work to help U.S. education programs thrive in our geographic areas of priority.
  • Entrepreneurs drive economic vitality. We believe successful entrepreneurship can create a more robust and thriving U.S. economy and opportunities. We work to ensure that more entrepreneurs are equipped with the education and resources they need to succeed.
  • Best Buy roots. We stay connected to our Founder’s past and believe the welfare of Best Buy employees is important. We support Best Buy employees in times of need and support the communities where Best Buy operates.