Minnesota Children’s Museum: Play for All

Our Focus Areas

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation (RMSFF) creates grant partnerships with organizations that generate transformational results in human and social services, education, and health and medicine.


We support, by invitation only, high-performing schools. We are open to proposals supporting rigorous, effective after-school and camp educational programming focused on reading, writing, math, science, entrepreneurship and tutoring, not by invitation only. We encourage high-achieving college students to pursue teaching careers and we provide scholarships to reduce burdensome school debt for working class families. We do not provide support for the fine arts, sports/athletics, sectarian religious causes, political activity or endowments. More about Education.

Human & Social Services

We support organizations that provide human and social services as well as offer opportunities that help people lead self-sufficient, productive lives. We assist families with a variety of needs including food and nutrition, housing or shelter, skill training and development and serious medical challenges. We have a history of support for Hope Lodges and their positive impact on the treatment of cancer patients and their families. We support by invitation only mental health organizations who have a lengthy and positive funding history with the Foundation and that provide prevention, early intervention and children’s/adolescent mental health services.  More about Human & Social Services.

Health & Medicine

RMSFF is currently studying and re-evaluating its process of providing support for certain types of medical research but has an emerging interest in regenerative medicine and stem cell research. We support proposals in biomedical research by invitation only. More about Health and Medicine.