Education Strategic Directions

The founder and the family are concerned about the rapidly increasing cost of higher education and declining levels of achievement of U.S. students (K-12) compared to their worldwide peers. Although funding certain programs in public district schools remains a possibility, the majority of school funding will be directed at charter, Catholic or private schools, which serve the working- and middle-class and are high performing.

The Foundation, in its areas of geographic emphasis, will issue grants to:

  • Build the capacity of high-performing schools, by invitation only, to provide more children with a quality education and a better start in life and promote sharing of best practices with schools having that potential;
  • Support high-quality, out-of-school-time activities to increase exposure to instruction and allow for greater progress in learning and the development of resiliency;
  • Attempt to improve the success rates among future generations of students of entrepreneurship through the development and exchange of knowledge;
  • Lessen the negative impact of rising costs in higher and professional education on middle- and working-class students by offering college scholarships primarily in the foundation's areas of geographic focus; and
  • Attempt to incent high-achieving students into careers in education through scholarship programs designed to reduce the debt burden assumed by education school graduates.