Human and Social Services Strategic Directions

Human and social services are necessary and are a proper concern of public funding. It is clear, however, that critical needs are still going unmet and that “giving back” to the communities of special interest to the founder and family requires complementary and supplementary attention to public safety nets for many of the most vulnerable residents and for the basic needs of the community. Persistent problems of

  • housing,
  • transportation,
  • food distribution,
  • children’s/adolescent mental health (by invitation only)
  • skill training/job placement,
  • veterans assistance,
  • domestic abuse,
  • mentoring, and
  • many others

have become a part of the Foundation’s activity. Grants will be directed to effective, efficient and responsible organizations willing to regularly evaluate and improve their strategies and approaches. Grants will also be directed to organizations that work to move clients out of circumstances where they are reliant upon others toward self-sufficiency.

We are open to considering project grants, general operating support, capital requests and program-related investments. We provide funding to responsible and effective organizations that

  • promote self sufficiency and resilience,
  • enhance access to basic human services,
  • encourage organizational effectiveness,
  • foster innovation and collaboration,
  • strengthen existing programs that produce measurable outcomes,
  • support new approaches to old problems, and
  • achieve long-term impact.