Update on Funding in the Area of Mental Health

At its fall 2019 Board meeting, the RMSFF Board of Trustees spent a half day learning from experts in the field of mental health as part of its examination of the Foundation’s mental health funding strategies. Because this is a big, complex area with rapidly expanding need in nearly every sector, the Board determined that it needed to focus the Foundation’s funding to best drive significant, measurable outcomes.

Moving forward, we will provide funding to organizations providing mental health services on an invitation-only basis, partnering primarily with grantees with whom the Foundation has had lengthy and positive relationships. Our funding will largely focus on prevention and early-intervention work, with special emphasis on the mental health issues facing children and adolescents.

We know there are many organizations providing high quality, critically needed services in the area of mental health that we will no longer be able to fund. We are grateful for all of the important work these organizations are doing, are proud to have partnered with them in the past and hope our ongoing focused contribution can do its part to improve the mental health of individuals, families and communities. We will continue to learn, and to listen to our partners, experts and community leaders as they respond to this expanding need.