Schulze Family Foundation College Scholarship

The Schulze Family Foundation College Scholarship exists to help students graduate from college and move on to their careers or graduate school with minimal student debt. First awarded in 2014, three years of Schulze Scholars have now graduated and successfully entered the workforce or enrolled in graduate programs. Scholars routinely express their gratitude for a gift from the Schulze Family Foundation that allowed them to borrow less, work less, study more, and experience all that college had to offer.

There are currently 173 Schulze Family Foundation College Scholars from Minnesota, Florida, California and Colorado attending more than 90 different colleges in pursuit of their dreams of becoming engineers, doctors, musicians, teachers, nurses and so much more.  They are involved in volunteer work through church and community activities, holding down part-time jobs, participating in varsity athletics, Model U.N. and math team, just to name a few.  We are very proud to call them Schulze Scholars.

We will award 46 new $20,000 scholarships ($5,000 per year) to deserving students from eligible high schools in California, Colorado, Florida and Minnesota. Successful candidates will show they have distinguished themselves through school, community and/or church activities while showing significant academic achievement in high school. Scholarships are awarded to U.S. citizens for four consecutive years of full-time college enrollment with satisfactory academic performance.

Learn about eligibility requirements and eligible high schools.

Check our home page for scholarship dates and deadlines. Apply here when we open for 2023-24 applications.