SELS 2022-23 Principal Recommendation Form

  • For Use by Catholic Elementary School Principals Only

    You received an email with a link to this form because your school was named in a Schulze Early Learning Scholarship application for 2022-23. Please complete the form below, responding to questions specific to you as principal and about the child for whom you are making a scholarship recommendation.

    Please use your cursor/mouse to move between fields in the form below.
    Do NOT press the enter/return key after completing a field or to move between fields.

    * Field is required.

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  • Enter a $ amount. DO NOT INCLUDE BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL CARE. If tuition has not been set or you don't know the number of days for which they will enroll, use the full-time rate for the 2021-22 school year. If you don't offer full-time (5-day, all day), use your next highest rate. Scholarships will be adjusted after enrollment to reflect the amount paid.