Current Organization Grant-making Guidelines

  • We are open to LOIs and proposals addressing our focus areas of Human and Social Services, Education (schools by invitation only), and Health & Medicine (biomedical research by invitation only).
  • Our focus is on U.S. domestic concerns. We do not make international grants.
  • We have a geographic focus on the communities in which our founder raised his family and built his business and where he now lives in Florida. Proposals can and will be funded outside of those geographic areas by invitation only.
  • It is not our practice to identify deserving grantees, fund for a period of time and move on to funding other organizations. We seek to find the most effective nonprofits in their services areas.
  • We do not fund the fine arts, athletics or sectarian religious organizations or endowments.
  • While specific programs with specific and measurable outcomes are preferred, the Foundation will consider and occasionally fund requests for general operating support when that seems the best way to support an organization’s mission and activities.
  • We are open to funding specific elements of capital campaigns.
  • We are open to program or mission-related investments as well as grants.