User Generated Content and Site Activities

  1. Site Activities. This website is provided “as is” and when available, and we may change all content, functionality and services in our discretion at any time.  We may also do this for particular activities even if you have started to participate. For example, we can change a grant description or scholarship description at any time even if you have already applied, and not all grants or scholarships may be posted at all or on the website. Also, we or a third party might make a mistake and we reserve the right to correct anything, including but not limited to, content or assistance on the website. For example, we may correct, change, withdraw or do anything else with a grant description or scholarship description even if you have already taken action based on it.
  2. No Commissions. We do not want to deal with persons desiring to be paid by RMSFF unless we intentionally enter into an express contract to do so. This means, for example, that we do not pay commissions or other sums to anyone who helps arrange a job, grant or anything else unless we have expressly contracted to do so in writing before any such arrangement. For example, if you submit an application for someone else without entering into such a contract with us, we will not pay you (or anyone else) a commission or other amount even if we accept the application, hire the person or make the grant, etc. We may also use, delete or ignore any information you provide without paying you anything and without undertaking any duties to you or anyone else.